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Ford DSFL Indonesia Focuses on Road Safety for Disabled Drivers

September 19, 2014

Ford  Indonesian took the Jakarta Police and the Association of Motor Indonesia Jakarta organized a special program Driving Skills for Life (focal) for the community of persons with disabilities and their families recently. The program is carried out before the event Disabilities Rally Indonesia Tourism - an initiative to raise awareness and encourage support of the entire community for individuals with disabilities.

At this particular focal session, FMI provides a driving safety training for 83 participants from a variety of persons with disabilities in the community and from outside Jakarta, aims to raise awareness of safe driving techniques and practices that are tailored to persons with disabilities.

The focal Training includes classroom sessions that include tips for anticipating road conditions, avoid driving at high speed, and how to care for the vehicle to maintain the optimal fuel economy, use of seat belts, avoid distractions while driving, and keep a safe distance with other vehicles berlalulintas moment.

We are very excited to take part in this focal program. The focal session is a very good initiative to foster community awareness of road safety for persons with disabilities and the community at large. We feel empowered to learn about safe driving techniques and we can not wait to share this knowledge with our friends and family, "said Maulani A. Rotinsulu, Disability Indonesian Women's Association.

With the support of the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF) and partnering with the Jakarta Defensive Driving Center (JDDC), focal Ford program helps raise awareness of safe driving with the implementation of sessions, free of charge, for a variety of groups and organizations.

  "We feel proud to be part of this remarkable initiative, which provide valuable knowledge to the community of persons with disabilities on how to drive safely and also efficient in fuel use. This particular focal program not only underscores our commitment to driving safety but also highlights our efforts in communicating the message that is very important to everyone, "said Bagus Susanto, Managing Director of PT Ford Motor Indonesia.

"We hope this session has provided the community with disabilities with rich knowledge, to make them better drivers and safer, to make changes in our communities to create a safer driving environment for ourselves and also other road users," he added.

Since its launch in 2008, focal program in Indonesia has trained more than 8,500 drivers who have a driver's license in Indonesia, including customer Ford and non-Ford, governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies, students, representatives of dealers, media, community, and Ford employees.

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